We have come to feast on unique creations made by the very hands of your favourite foodies for a #ZomatoMeetup held at El Topo Mexican. The challenge here is to make a taco that we’ve always imagined up in our minds but only now been able to bring into a reality. Then the battle begins as they’re set against one another for #ZomatoRateMyTaco


Before even entering, I kept thinking about what flavour combination would take the gold. Even wondering what would we be given to dress our tortillas or what crazy concoctions would be born tonight? On arrival we were given a basket of crunchy tortilla chips and guacamole to fuel our creativity. As the chips began to disappear, many other ingredients started to appear in replacement and filling the table with everything we would ever need to make a taco. 


I ate my way through every dish laid before me and in turn, kickstarted the wheels in my mind. Toppings, sauces, meats and garnishes had decked the communal table ready to be added into the tortillas. We were given so many choices, from pulled pork to soft shelled crab, avocado to roasted peppers and even the unusual but surprisingly not so bad, crickets. The rules were simple. The taco from each team required one protein with the addition of four toppings (ranging from salsa, sauces and other garnishes). 


It started when tortilla wraps began dropping on our plates – a lovely green colour – signalling ‘go!’ like that of a traffic light. With many of us taking part, it reminded me of a children’s arts and crafts class with the dishes laid out ready for us to fill and garnish a superstar of a taco. Hands crossed over one another as people reached left and right turning the evening into an unrehearsed yet organised dance. 


My curiosity had me beaming to see what everyone else had created. Some utilising sure-fire delicious ingredients like chicken and crab while other venturing out into the wilderness, adding crickets and chocolate sauce in their tacos.

I ended up with the following. The first one (left) having coffee braised beef, red cabbage, red peppers, shallots and jalapeño sauce and the second (right) being graced with coconut crusted avocado, red cabbage and a bit of strawberry salsa. Between the two, I submitted the coffee braised beef taco. 


We all showcased our masterpieces to the chefs at El topo and then rewarded for our participation with little spheres of gold – and by this I actually mean delicious balls of fresh doughnuts! After generously dousing them in a rich chocolate sauce, they were all devoured and gone in a blink of an eye. I’d have to say that was the perfect way to end this taco adventure!


El Topo Mexican
Level 3, 500 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction, 2022, Sydney, NSW

Phone: (02) 9387 7828
Web: http://theeastern.com.au/eltopomexican

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I Ate My Way Through dined as guests of El Topo Mexican

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