Starting with the freshest produce possible, The Mowbray Eatery brings you their farm to table menu. But this particular menu isn’t here to stay, in fact it is constantly changing depending on the produce they gather. This ensures only the best ingredients are used to ignite the creativity in their chefs to make the menu for the week. By doing this, you can bet your money that what you’ll be eating is in season and at its peak in ripeness. This particular week, the menu consisted of dishes based around fish, poultry and berries, amongst other things.

The night was chilly but the interior was invitingly warm. Although I was sitting inside, the dining area was connected with the outside through the large windows. The gentle lights decorating the nearby tree enveloped the evening with a feeling of romance which was complemented by the small candles on each table.

1The meal began with Crispy Bocconcini ($14) that was dressed with a spiced tomato and garlic chutney. When I broke through the outer layer, the cheese slowly oozed through the crust in its deliciously gooey and stringy form.

54The mains for tonight included a pistachio stuffed chicken with pomegranate sauce and pan seared market catch ($30) with salsa verde and fennel salad. The dishes weren’t over-dressed with an excess of ingredients, but were well thought out that you could tell the dishes needed nothing more and nothing less. In other words, they were simply delicious. The pistachio stuffed chicken was great in texture and taste. The light crunch from the nuts along with the gentle sweetness from the pomegranate sauce made every bite enjoyable.

8The fish came with an amazing crumble to the flesh and a fine crispness to the skin. The fennel salad mellowed out the saltiness and adding a bit of crunch.

66 7Along with the mains, I had a serving of roasted winter vegetables ($9) and thrice cooked chips ($9); the latter being so crispy and well seasoned that I kept wanting more. I was constantly checking be bottom of the bowl over and over just to see if I’ve missed any. Give me three more batches to go please!

32The night ended with a light dessert which also helped refresh the palate from the heavier mains. I satisfied my sweet tooth with a Eton Mess ($13) that was spruced up with mixed berries and mascarpone. This dessert had it all, sweet yet tart and a crunch from the meringue against the silkiness of the mascarpone. It was even dressed with a flower to reflect the deliciousness. You probably don’t even need to share this one, in fact I advise you to order a dessert for yourself to avoid any dispute with your dining partner.

11Mowbray Eatery dished up a great experience. The effort and the love that was put into each dish shines through with each bite, where the flavours are simple yet effective. Because sometimes it’s not about how outrageous the dish. It’s more about how well you can serve up the classics. The Mowbray eatery is just that. Doing the simple things best. 

Mowbray Eatery
1 Felton Ave, Lane Cove West, Sydney, NSW 

Phone: (02) 94278083


I Ate My Way Through dined as guests of Mowbray Eatery


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