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Ciccone and Sons Gelato in Redfern is a simple, no nonsense gelateria who have just celebrated their first birthday. 

Ciccone and Sons

C&S Gelato

Everything at Ciccone and Sons Gelato is housemade. They don’t use any pre-mades or packages. They personally know the suppliers of their ingredients from the milk to the produce, which leads to a familiar and welcoming product.  

Sean and Mark are there everyday making the best gelato they can and care deeply about the community.  They wanted to create a community hub in Redfern. Ciccone and Sons is a place for gathering, socialising and eating great gelato.

Box Freezer

The gelato is stored in a box freezer, which is very different from many other gelato shops, especially in Sydney. The box freezer is free from fans and relies on cold stagnant air. This means the gelato is made in smaller batches and keeps its quality. It also means they don’t display the gelato in large heaps. The gelato is actually behind the counter and thus can only be glimpsed.

Old School Till

Ciccone and Sons lights their shop with warm inviting light. The kitchen is on display, as are the gelato machines. The storefront is inviting and open, with places to sit, stand, talk and chat. They wanted to avoid a “clinical” feeling that people may see in chains. They also use an old fashioned till and have accents of nostalgia. It makes you think of days gone by, of sheer happiness. 

Gelato Machine Gelato Machine

The gelato here is all made using vintage Carpigiani gelato machines from the 1960’s/1970’s. These machines are the front runner in Gelato production and the brand started in 1946.

Mark says the gelato is hand pulled “by sight, by feel”. This is much harder work but leads to a better result. The reason they keep the kitchen and machines visible is to “create a high level of excitement with the production”.

People love to watch the gelato being churned and produced. This way they can see how fresh it is, as it is made consistently throughout the day. The small batches mean they have to consistently make gelato. 

Jersey Milk

The gelato at Ciccone and Sons is made with Jersey Milk for the most part. Though some of the flavours are made with buttermilk. Jersey milk is from purebred Jersey Cows and is known for its creaminess. Jersey Cows are a heritage breed from the British Isles. The use of this milk leads to a richer gelato.

When it comes to the flavours of gelato, Mark and Sean don’t want any confusion. They don’t want crazy combinations. If people want to combine flavours they can do so and create their own “combinations”. The base flavours, however, are simple and well-known.

Gelato Flavours

They have flavours such as honeycomb, chocolate, vanilla and coffee.

But one of the most popular is buttermilk and passionfruit. I think this might be my all time favourite gelato, shhh don’t tell. It is made from buttermilk as opposed to Jersey milk as mentioned above. The passionfruit is fresh and tastes as though it was just swirled into the sweet and creamy gelato. MUST TRY!



Some of the most popular flavours are black sesame and matcha, which many people will eat together. They only have 12 flavours at a time, and most stay the same so it’s safe to say they are all popular. The box freezer only has room for the 12.

Matcha Gelato Gelato

For special occasions they come up with specials. For example they created a whisky brulee for Fathers Day, as if you could think of anything more perfect.

If you need a warm up they serve locally produced coffees and espressos. These go great with the gelato. You can also buy the jersey milk and buttermilk they use, so you can support local farmers and producers.

C&S Gelato

No matter what, gather your friends and check out Ciccone and Sons. In my opinion, it’s something you shouldn’t miss.  

Ciccone and Sons
195 Regent Street, Redfern, Sydney NSW
Open: Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 11am-9pm and Sun 11am-6pm

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