Move over cold winter air! Spring is taking over, coming at us with it’s warm embrace, brightening our days with blooming flowers and spoiling us with produce at their peak. And if you thought that was the best thing about this time of year, you couldn’t be more wrong. This season brings us the chance to indulge in Fratelli Fresh’s Spring menu. At their latest location within Westfield Sydney, Fratelli Fresh brings along a piece of itself to the heart of the city. Now it’s easier to enjoy some authentic fine Italian food even on your lunch break! 

Tonight we explored their latest menu within their private dining area. The room was graced with natural light from the large arched windows but jazzed up in a touch of red from their neon light feature. 

ff002ff001ff008For starters, the entrees included great classics such as Zucchini flowers stuffed with five cheeses, a selection of cured meats, Fresh figs with stracciatella di bufala cheese and some focaccia bread. 

ff003Although simple, these dishes were made with a lot of tender love and care. The zucchini flowers were just a delicate delight. The batter gave a light crisp to each bite while the warm and creamy stuffing of five cheeses had me take this dish in slowly to try and decipher what cheese have been selected to create this delicious mix. At the end of it, I couldn’t help but wonder if I could request from my significant other a bouquet of these instead of roses for Valentines Day next year, since cheese is something I can never say no to. 

ff005In contrast to the warmth of the zucchini flowers, the stracciatella di bufala plated with figs and cured meat was a more cooler dish that left behind a sweeter experience. This one went down quickly. 

ff017The focaccia was simple yet interesting, and was served in the form of one of my favourite foods ever, pizza. With each piece being generously sized, it was easy to eat more than you’ve intended. 

ff007As I made my way through to the platter of cured meats, I was overwhelmed and overexcited with the range I was given. I figured it would be better to individually taste each one to enjoy the flavours (rather than my usual plan of attack which is to have them all in one bite). 

ff006Amongst all these classic flavours on the table, the humble salad sat beside me. It was made with bitter greens and shaved vegetables that helped cut through some of the more over powering flavours that shared the table space. Almost like a palate cleanser if you must. 

ff004As night fell upon us, we moved into the next course of three different mains. I started off with the Black Cod that was cooked in paper together with artichoke, lemon, tomato, olives and white wine. The flesh was soft and flakey and by being cooked in the paper together, the cod really took on the flavours of the other ingredients. Each bite gave me a hint of saltiness from the olives and sweetness from the tomato. Subtle complexity. 

ff012The next was spinach and ricotta ravioli. Large palm sized spinach and ricotta ravioli (and by large palm, I mean large women palm size). Topped with a mild tomato sauce, the harmonious pair of spinach and ricotta within these little pasta presents was lovely. It definitely wasn’t a one bite ravioli dish that I am more familiar with but rather like a date you go on where you just click with the ravioli… I mean, other person, and find that time passes by too quickly. You wish it could have gone on for longer. Just like that, I thought to myself, If only this ravioli could have been never ending. 

ff011Last of the three was Chilli and Lobster Paccheri (large tube pasta) with a tomato based sauce. Now this guy was like a chilli and prawn pasta’s older, hotter sister. Need I say more? This is something I would come back for and can only hope that it will never leave Fratelli Fresh’s menu.

ff010After the mains, the night began to wind down and come to an end. The dinner was finalised with the all star classics of Italian dessert, Tiramisu and Zeppole. The Tiramisu, which was colder and more refreshing than the Zeppole, was presented in a red teacup which made me squeal in delight at it’s cute appearance. You could almost be fooled to think it was a cup of hot cocoa.

ff014ff015The Zeppole was a warm and crispy affair. It was just like having fresh donuts with a side of gooey chocolate sauce. Both desserts were amazing in their own way to me, so I won’t go into comparing apples with oranges.

ff013 ff016The Spring menu overall was a lovely dive into classic flavours and dishes handled with great TLC and their own touch of pizzaz. 


Fratelli Fresh 
Level 5, Westfield Pitt Street Mall, 188 Pitt Street, CBD, Sydney, NSW

Phone: (02) 8099 7055
Other locations:

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I Ate My Way Through dined as guests of Fratelli Fresh

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