Running a blog is hard. I mean, you gotta feed it, care for it, help it grow… it’s kind of like taking care of a child, with the hopes that one day it’s going to love you back the same way you’ve loved it for all that time.

Which is why we are so excited that I Ate My Way Through is TURNING 10 GUYS!!!! And you know what we do when we’re excited? Throw a month’s worth of partayyyyys. (In case you missed it, here are the links for party 1, party 2 and party 3)

Because really, if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?

This time, we wrap up the month long party with a get-together at Salmon and Bear, a casual seafood eatery in Newtown that evokes a sense of woodfires, plaid, and (hopefully) the Justin Trudeau side of that Alaskan/Canadian border. And if you think that sitting down to dinner together means that we get to feed our hungry bellies?

Food Bloggers doing their thing and photographing food before they eat!

WRONG. Camera eats first. Just remember, I’m watching you.

But when we did put the cameras down, we started off on Salt and Pepper Calamari with a tangy Ponzu dipping sauce.

Salt and Pepper Calamari with Ponzu Dipping Sauce

Ponzu is a Japanese sauce made by mixing mainly Yuzu (a citrus fruit that has the tartness of lemon but the aromatics of grapefruit) soy sauce, and dashi (a light fish and seaweed stock). Salty and sour, it’s like an Asian version of salt and vinegar, which is my personal go-to for anything fried.

Then we move from Asia, to Hawaii with a Tuna Poké… you know, like Pokemon, but more delicious.

Tuna Poke - Raw Cubed Tuna in a Chilli and Lemongrass Dressing served with Kimchi and Seaweed Salad on Coconut Rice

Poké really just means ‘cut’, and refers to cut pieces of raw fish tossed into a salad type mixture. And despite the careful arrangement of cucumber, fish, kimchi and seaweed on top of coconut rice, we are told firmly that you’re meant to give everything a good mix for maximum deliciousness.

Tuna Poke - Raw Cubed Tuna in a Chilli and Lemongrass Dressing served with Kimchi and Seaweed Salad on Coconut Rice

And we’re nothing if not obedient.

Sticky Soy Glazed Salmon Taco

Also in the “messy” category — the Sticky Soy Glazed Salmon Taco. This thing was so juicy that I had sticky drips running down my arm in the time that it took to take this photo. But hey, a food blogger has to do what a food blogger has to do. That is our sworn duty. Scouts honour.

Of course you can’t go to Salmon and Bear without trying the Ora King Salmon Charcoal Grilled in the Mibrasa Oven. I mean, it’s on the door, right?

Ora King Salmon Charcoal Grilled in the Mibasa Oven

Ora King Salmon is – in my eyes – one of the best types of salmon there is. Buttery and meaty all at once, this New Zealand fish gives me the only reason why I ever think Australia has a case to invade our Lord of the Ring neighbour. I mean, that, and the amazing sea urchin. But for all the charcoal grilling and amazing fish, you know what really stole the show?

Sweet Potato fries

Them sweet potato fries. Straddling the fine line between a wedge and a chip, these aren’t the crispiest, but are incredibly moreish in a Pringles sort of way. Especially when dipped in the luscious creamy sauce. Simple, and yet the so SO addictive.

Of course, we finished dinner off with something sweet, in the form of ice cream sandwiches (from Messina, WHUT!), and macarons and marshmallows (thank you Amazeology!), all beautifully branded, of course.

I think we’ve definitely partied enough (and eaten enough) to make any other 10 year old proud… just wait to see what we do when we’re 20!

Salmon and Bear
226 King Street, Newtown, NSW
Phone: 02 8317 4368

Salmon & Bear Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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