tinygiant_8The Tiny Giant is the place to come to when you want a casual cafe atmosphere with high end restaurant quality food. Don’t be fooled by this quaint side street cafe, because they serve meals that are high quality and pack big flavour punches. Not only is the food here superb, the owner Debbie greets everyone who comes through the door as if they were old friends and settles you in to your dining experience.

With a very comfortable vibe, there’s lots of greenery around the shop, earthy tones through beautiful wooden shelving and alcoves. Although the shop is quite cosy, the high, decorated ceilings bring light and a sense of space. As soon as you walk in you can see and smell food all around, from the overflowing cake and sandwich cabinets at the front of the store, to the staff bringing out meal after meal to the hungry patrons.

The expansive menu full of tempting breakfast, lunch and dessert options doesn’t make it easy to decide what to eat, because everything just sounds so good! After a decent amount of time drooling over the choices, I settled on the San Fran Crab Roll, the insanely popular Croque Madame and just to satisfy my sweet tooth the Belgium Waffles and a Coconut and Lime Cronut.

tinygiant_1Life’s too short, so I decided to eat dessert first and quickly devoured the Belgium waffles ($17.90). Served with fresh strawberries, bananas and mixed berries, Canadian maple and salted caramel swirls and unique Persian pashmak (that delicious looking fairy floss), it truly is dessert goals. The pashmak had a hint of rose flavouring which perfectly complimented the rose petals used to plate the dish and the gorgeous pastel crockery. It was almost too pretty to eat, but who could resist? The waffles were soft, sweet and toasty, balancing the tartness of the berries. The Canadian maple and salted caramel drizzles added another layer to the dish, but didn’t overpower it as some sauces can do with sweet dishes. 

tinygiant_2tinygiant_6 After demolishing the waffles, I turned my attention to the San Fran Crab Roll ($17.90). I cannot explain well enough how fresh this dish was, from the bread roll, to the crab, to the veggies that dressed it up. The baguette was crunchy on the outside, but so soft in the middle. It was hard to tell where the bread finished and the tender, juicy crab meat began. Inside the roll, the aioli marinated crab meat was accompanied by celery and chives, vinegary capers, green heirloom tomatoes, whisky sour pickles, a paprika dusting and a parsley and chive garnish. 

tinygiant_3I asked Debbie which was the most popular dish in the cafe and she said that the Croque Madam ($17.90) had been flying out of the kitchen and it’s easy to understand why. What makes up this one of a kind dish is the truffle infused egg. Debbie explained that the eggs that are used in this dish actually contain the truffle oil inside the shell, rather than being added after the egg has been cracked. This means for all you truffle lovers, this is a fantastic and inventive way of satisfying your truffle needs. Not only is the truffle great, but the Croque Madam also comes on toasted sourdough, with smoked jamon, bechamel, melted gryuyere and dressed with black sesame and microherbs. It’s the ultimate, indulgent sandwich and a real treat.


The Tiny Giant is also known for their cronuts, so of course I had to try one. You can choose from flavours such as Nutella + Oreo, cinnamon and salted caramel + Tim Tam but I went for the coconut, lychee and Tim Tam. The coconut and lychee cream was silky and sweet with both flavours gently revealing themselves after the flaky, cinnamon dusted pastry. The white Tim Tams were the perfect topping, mirroring the soft, creamy flavours of the filling while not detracting from the cronut itself. Served with a Campos coffee, it would make a great afternoon tea to treat yourself with.


I had a wonderful time at The Tiny Giant, with a great cosy atmosphere in this compact cafe, the service from Debbie and her staff was splendid and the food surpassed my expectations. It’s definitely a place I will visit again, and bring everyone I know to experience this lovely little joint. 

The Tiny Giant
110 Audley Street, Petersham Sydney NSW
Phone: (02) 8065 4684
Web: thetinygiant.com.au

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