Bloom_02Bloom_07Set back in a quiet, tree lined street in Mosman is the utterly delightful Bloom at Mosman cafe. Bloom is a modest cafe tucked away among other restaurants and cafes, but for me it stood out as from the moment I walked in I was greeted by friendly, welcoming staff and a cafe vibe that felt homely like those I’d grown up with down in the South Coast. Taking my table, I scanned around the room at the warm, wooden interiors, the soft fabrics chairs and cushions and floral greenery spread throughout the cafe. The chalk boards and paper menus set up a very relaxed dining experience.

The Green Supreme smoothie.
The Green Supreme juice.

I had the Green Supreme juice while looking over the menu. I’m not normally one to have vegetables in my juices or smoothies but I found that this freshly squeezed blend of kale, apple, celery and pineapple was quite refreshing on a warm summer’s day. I was also glad that it didn’t fill me up, as I needed space for the delicious fare that was about to come. Bloom is known for their amazing breakfast dishes, so I of course had to order something from their all day breakfast menu in addition to the salads I had ordered for lunch.


The corn fritter stack ($17.50), from the all day breakfast menu, had such a simple list of ingredients yet the impact of the flavours meant that this was my favourite dish. The handmade corn fritters were crunchy, yet still soft and had a light saltiness to them which was beautifully offset by the tangy sweetness of the tomato chutney which was sandwiched between the fritters. The smashed avocado cleansed the palate and the poached egg brought another yolky texture to the dish. The real stand out flavour for me was the tea smoked salmon ($5), which I requested to have added to the dish. An absolute treat, the salmon is smoked in house using brown rice and Chinese tea leaves which leaves the fish with a delicate yet remarkable smoky flavour. Although the smoke adds a full bodied flavour to the salmon, it doesn’t overpower any other aspect of the meal and each ingredient stands out in it’s own right.

Corn fritter stack with tea smoked salmon.

The coconut poached chicken salad ($17) is one of the most popular dishes on the Bloom menu, and it’s easy to see why. The succulent, shredded pieces of chicken are moist from being poached in a tropical coconut sauce that for me evoked a milder taste of Thai cuisine. There was a plentiful amount of chicken and the gorgeous coconut sauce but I wasn’t left feeling heavy for it, as the accompanying parts of the salad create a light balance to offset the density of the meat. Lettuce, apple, walnuts, avocado and a boiled egg each bring something unique to the dish, once again creating a harmonious union of flavours and textures. I found the green apple and lettuce to be quite refreshing, and the avocado and walnuts only further enhanced the creaminess of the dish.

Coconut poached chicken salad.

The final salad that my dining companion had was a hearty mix of brown rice and quinoa, with cherry tomatoes, greens and topped with pan seared haloumi and lemon for zest. The grains make this a more filling dish, but the vegetables keep it light and fresh in a flavour combination that is almost autumnal. The light vinaigrette and lemon only add to the crispness of the plate, but the haloumi brings yet another layer to the overall meal. It was cooked to perfection, as sometimes you can find haloumi to be overcooked and rubbery but these slices were still soft, with a slight crunch to the seared parts. 

Brown rice and quinoa salad.

I left Bloom feeling completely gluttonous, but also completely satisfied with some good coffee and some great food had during my time there. The meals were excellent and the customer service was simply beautiful. If you’re looking for service with a smile and meals that hold their own, look no further than Bloom at Mosman. 

Bloom at Mosman
118 Prince Albert Street, Mosman, Sydney NSW
Phone:(02) 9960 1761

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