Located down in the trendy Globe Lane at Wollongong is the bakery Kürtosh. The industrial feel of the bakery and cafe give it a modern vibe with marble, exposed pipes and metallic lighting. However it is much more than your average cake shop because of their signature dish and namesake, Kürtőskalács. Kürtőskalács are chimney shaped cakes that can be filled with toppings like Nutella, or coated with cinnamon, nuts and more.


For this visit I ordered a Nutella filled, cinnamon coated kürtősh. Cripsy on the outside from the caramelised sugar, with a soft chocolatey inside. It’s reminiscent of a cinnamon doughnut, only crunchy. Which isn’t a bad thing at all. Kürtőskalács are a type of Hungarian street food that the Kürtősh bakery chain have brought to Australia, but these delicious little chimney cakes are not all that they have to offer.

kurtosh_8As well as the kürtőskalács, they also have mouthwatering slabs of freshly bakes cakes on display, waiting to be cut up to order. Another different thing about this bakery is that you can order any of their cakes by weight, so whether you want a little 100g piece for yourself or 500g to share between friends, that is all possible! On my trip I asked for a tasting plate of the best cakes they had on offer that day. What I received were some petite slices of Lemon Meringue, Rhubarb Crumble, the Duo Mousse and the Peanut Butter Madness. 


The Lemon Meringue had soft peaks in a Swiss style meringue as opposed to the usual French meringue found in other bakeries. It was a tart treat to the taste buds, starting with a biscuit base, layered with citrusy, sweet lemon curd and topped with the delicate Swiss meringue which was infused with candied ginger and flakes of shredded coconut. The little additions turned an ordinary meringue into a great one. I’m not usually a fan of meringue, but I found that with the ginger and coconut infusion, I liked it much more. 

kurtosh_3When I asked store owner Michael for a sample of the most popular cakes, he couldn’t help himself but to get me to try his favourite; the Rhubarb Crumble. Again, like the meringue, this is not something that I would usually order but I was glad that it had made its way onto my plate. Nestled between the sweet crumble and crunchy shortcrust base is a delicious mix of sour cream and citrus flavours in almost a cheesecake like consistency, heartily dotted with pieces of rhubarb. With such unusual ingredients, I never would have picked up on the sour cream until Michael informed me, but I can definitely see how it is one of his favourites. It almost has a home made feel to it, which is sometimes the comfort you need from a cake. 

kurtosh_4Next, I had the Duo Mousse; if you’re a chocolate lover then you’re in for a treat. With layers of chocolate ganache, white chocolate mousse, hazelnut mousse and a white chocolate and almond meal base this truly is a chocoholics dream. It’s the soft mousse and ganache layers that melt in your mouth, while there is a bit of crunch from the white chocolate and almond meal. It’s amazing in its simplicity, but oh so tasty.

I left the Peanut Butter Madness until last because I thought it might be my favourite slice on the plate. With a peanut butter mousse atop a Devils Food base, sprinkled with caramel peanut brittle, chocolate drizzle, flake and mini malteasers it looked to me like the most complicated one out of the selection. All the ingredients blended together in a nutty chocolatey bite. A denser thickness than the other slices, and with the extra garnishes on top makes this quite a sweet cake. Though, the flavour combination is a classic so it is always a winner in my eyes.

kurtosh_5Kürtősh is a great place to come with friends or family for a decent cup of coffee and a brilliant selection of cakes, sweets and savoury items too. Or be adventurous and follow your nose to the kürtősh stand and watch how they make these yummy chimney cakes before devouring one of your own. 

Shop 6, Globe Lane , Wollongong NSW
See other branches at kurtosh.com.au

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