This year marks the 194th anniversary of Sydney Royal Easter Show, an event attracting more than 850,000 attendees nationwide over the fourteen-day period.

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Apart from the rides, animals, wood chopping competitions, and show bags, what makes this year’s show just a little bit more special in Sydney Olympic Park is the launch of The Stables – a food and drink pit stop located inside a two-storey building based on a 1988 original design in Moore Park as a permanent home for the famous Carlton Clydesdales.

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Stepping into the Stables, you are immediately welcomed by the aroma and sound of sizzling food. Former Potts Point establishment Jimmy Liks cooks up a storm of New York inspired street fare including their famous blow-torched meatball baguette ($12). Seeing and smelling is believing in this case – the smoky aroma of melted pecorino was incredible and irresistible even before we took a bite of the beef and pork meatballs. The carb-conscious can opt to enjoy the meatballs with quinoa and baby rocket salad in a cup topped with shaved pecorino and pesto ($12).

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Opposite Jimmy Liks lies Burger Head. Three young chefs trained in fine dining restaurants Quay, Momofuku Seibo, and Ormeggio, have applied their attention to detail and culinary skill to the humble burgers and the result is simply superb. The Clucker ($15) is buttermilk fried chicken thigh with pickled onion and mayonnaise on lightly toasted bun burgers. If there was a category for best burger and fried chicken in the show, these guys would be a shoe-in for the trophy as it was a 10 out of 10 for us with the contrasting flavours and textures within the fried chicken burger.

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To wash down your meatballs and burgers, you will find a wide range of award-winning beer, wine, and cider at the Stables. Whether it is De Bortoli Prosecco from the King Valley, Watershed Senses 2014 Sauvignon Blanc from Margaret River or, our personal favourite, Stone & Wood Pacific Ale. This is an opportunity for the adults to indulge themselves.

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Cocktail and coffee lovers are in for a treat at The Killer Coffee Co. The Skull logo implies the company’s ambition to deliver a “death-defying” blend that is strong enough to wake the dead! While we had no intention to find out the power of its coffee, we were only too happy to sip on the pre-mixed Espresso Martini. It could easily be passed as a drink prepared by an experienced mixologist.

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Celebrated KOI Dessert Bar bring their most exquisite and mouth-watering creations to the Stables and Easter Show. They are quite literally works of art and the decision of which one to order is almost impossible.

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Head upstairs to the lounge where you can sit back, rest your feet and enjoy a cheese or deli board in a conveniently packed box ($18 each) with your beverage of choice available at the bar there.

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On your way back to the show don’t forget to grab some freshly churned Gelato and traditional Granita by John Gigenti who has more than 30 years experience in the industry.

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When I was a kid, pink candyfloss and hot dog on a stick were my favourite things to eat at the Easter Show. These days with a slightly more refined taste, I welcome the launch of The Stables, adding some gourmet flavours to one of the largest annual events on the Australian calendar.

The Sydney Royal Easter Show is on between April 6th and 19th. For more information, go to

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