Pssst want in on a secret? I’m going to tell you something confidential… Chicken Confidential 😂. This glowing neon takeaway joint located in Sydney’s business precinct in Chifley Plaza, is chef Luke Mangan’s introduction into the fast food scene. Using only organic chicken, Luke Mangan’s new eatery offers up restaurant quality burger items whilst still remaining relatively affordable. The store is not hard to miss; with a monochromatic layout and pops of red through its fixtures, the store exuberates a playful vibe and you can just see that’s what they are going for by reading some of the burger names on the menu. Only downside (I think) would be that it’s only open on weekdays. It really caters towards the office workers in the CBD, not saying that’s a problem but for someone who does not work anywhere near the CBD, would I recommend the trek? Let me tell you.


We started things off with their signature burger the “Yes Ma’am” ($14). With a southern style fried chicken piece, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickle and their confidential sauce (which high key tasted like McDonald’s Big Mac sauce). The chicken itself was crispy and well seasoned, a little dry for my liking but the sauce was able to save it by adding a level of creaminess and sweetness. Unfortunately, this wasn’t my favourite from the trio.

If I could only recommend one item to try at Chicken Confidential it would have to be the “Gangnam Style” Chicken Burger ($14).  A Korean fried chicken piece with pickled vegetables, herbs and a kimchi mayo. Now I can see where the “restaurant quality” comes from; the fried chicken was double fried giving it an extremely crunchy base while the chicken itself was incredibly moist and juicy – just as fried chicken should be. The pickled vegetables had a crunch with a strong pickled flavour bringing both sweet and tangy notes to the mix, while the kimchi mayo was not overly spicy and brought just enough heat. It was nice to end things on a refreshing note with the various herbs complimenting the other ingredients. Definitely a must try!


Now aside from chicken, a burger joint wouldn’t be one without a beef burger in my opinion, and the one to try is their “Big Cheese” Burger ($12.50). The components are just the same as a regular burger but with their confidential sauce once again. The beef patty itself was one of the better ones I’ve tried being incredibly meaty with a pleasant grilled flavour and with the addition of streaky bacon it brought a layer of richness with a textual crispness to each bite.


After a trio of burgers, what’s next? A trio of desserts and to be quite honest; I was not expecting them to be as good as they were. My personal favourite being the Wagon Wheel ($7). A chocolate ice cream sandwich with raspberry jam and tasted marshmallow all covered in a sweet milk chocolate. How Luke Mangan could replicate the experience and flavour of the iconic cookie sandwich is beyond me. With the crunch of the cookie, it contrasted the smoothness of the chocolate ice cream which was rich and creamy. The toasted marshmallow was the sweet punch that complimented the ice cream so well and to end things off nicely, this was all toned down with the tartness of the raspberry jam. Putting taste aside, what I love about this dessert, is how it played on my memories as a child enjoying a wagon wheel, and isn’t that the beauty of a good dessert?


The Hot Crispy Apple and Blueberry Pie ($6) is also a must try in my books. Think of it as an upscale McDonalds apple pie. When they say hot, they mean hot. Coming straight out of the fryer and into our hands, the crispy puff pastry was a textual experience against the soft stewed apple and blueberry filling. The filling was quite complex with a mixture of sweet notes from the apple, a robust aroma from cinnamon and a subtle tartness from the blueberries.

Lastly, we had the Ice Cream Sundae ($7) with vanilla and chocolate soft serve, salted peanut caramel popcorn and a drizzle of a butterscotch sauce. The soft serve was quite icy in my opinion however the flavour of vanilla and chocolate were there. The caramel popcorn with salted peanuts really played along the classic sweet and salty combination while the rich butterscotch sauce with a deep molasses flavour pulled the sundae all together, toning down all the sweet components.


So, would I recommend treking all the way into the city during the week to try Chicken Confidential? Yes I would. With the name of Luke Mangan behind this eatery, you can expect top quality food being pumped out of the kitchen. I’m keen to see where Luke Mangan takes Chicken Confidential in Sydney and I can expect there to be more stores popping up throughout the year. One things for sure, it won’t be a secret for too long 😉.


Chicken Confidential
L1 – F3, Level 1 Chifley Plaza No.2 Chifley Square, NSW Sydney
Phone: (02) 9231 4983
Website: Chicken Confidential

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I Ate My Way Through dined as guests of Chicken Confidential

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