One of the best experiences in life is walking by a bakery and being enveloped in the smell of freshly baked breads and sweet treats, which to my delight is exactly the feeling I had when I stepped foot into Flour Water Salt. Stepping out of the chilly Autumn morning into this cosy, quaint bakery it was bustling with locals getting brunch, the coffee machine churning out some of the best coffee I’ve had in a while and staff busily preparing for the local market day.  FSW_2 I perused my options through the glass display cabinet, struggling to decide what looked like the most tasty option because to be honest it all looked really good. With a mixture of savoury and sweet options, you too should prepare to drool over the choices before settling on one (or two, who am I to judge?).
FSW_9Recommended by store manager Cobi, I had the pumpkin and goats cheese tartine ($7.50). Tender roast pumpkin and lashings of goats cheese and topped with rocket, a balsamic glaze and cracked black pepper. The star of the dish, however, was the classic sourdough under the toppings. Being an artisanal, organic bakery you would expect the bread to be good, and it surpassed expectation. I believe this is from the founding mission and mindset of the bakery; to use quality ingredients in an uncomplicated way to produce simple breads which are full of flavour and show off the craft of baking. Which they do well. 

FSW_5Another bakery classic that Flour Water Salt nailed is the humble meat pie. The chunky beef and Guinness pie ($6.80) is exactly what you’d expect of a pie and more. The old school style pie with thick cuts of beef from Berry Butcher, mixed in a stouty, dark ale sauce infused with onion, parsley and thyme was probably the favourite dish of both myself and my dining companion, with forks flying to nab the last bite. The pie crust as well was phenomenal, a delicious bite of house made organic shortcrust and New Zealand butter puff pastry. Luckily, you can also buy these scrumptious pies in a family size ($18.00) to take away and enjoy at home.FSW_4 

FSW_6After lunch came time for the sweets, which worked perfectly for me and my sweet tooth. The berry and almond croissant ($5.50) is a delight. The flaky, buttery croissant is filled with a mixed berry, ricotta and almond meal medley. I sometimes find with almond croissants that they are too sickly sweet, but with this one the ricotta helps rein in the sweetness and gives the filling an almost berry yogurt flavour. I could easily eat this again for a breakfast on the go.  FSW_11FSW_8Another treat that would be great for breakfast or even an afternoon tea is the spelt flour muffin ($3.50 small/$4.80 large). With flavours that change every day, I had the strawberry and mango mix. The fruit was scrumptious and gave the muffin a natural sweetness and helped keep the dough moist. One of the great things about these muffins is that they are also vegan and organic, making them perfect for everyone to enjoy and insanely popular. Using spelt flour also gives the muffin a very wholesome, home made flavour which you don’t get from store bought muffins.


The most unusual item on the menu, Speculaas ($2.50/finger, $4.50/square) is probably one of the most special. Paying homage to owner Joost’s Dutch heritage and made using his mothers recipe with spices imported from Holland, these little cinnamon and ginger squares are great for something to snack on for those who want something a bit naughty but without the sugary flavours. The flavours of the spices paired with the almond meal layer through the middle, make this an earthy bite but isn’t overwhelming. If you like them as much as I did, they even package them up in a to go bag. 

Flour Water Salt is a great place to find the best simple, organic ingredients which make up some mighty tasty dishes that are both good for you and your taste buds. I know I’ll be back soon for some more of their fantastic pies, so I suggest you give Flour Water Salt a try too. 

Flour Water Salt
49 Shoalhaven St, Kiama NSW
Phone: (02) 4233 0887

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