With a bright turquoise theme, it’s hard to miss Surry Hill’s new and vibrant cafe, Saltie. This café on Devonshire Street provides Surry Hill crawlers with a quick fix of fresh, healthy and delicious café style food.

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Saltie specialises in quality coffee and (mostly) healthy food to grab on to go. The café is catered more towards take-away meals, but if you do find the need to rest your weary legs, there is a small counter with a few stools that you can comfortably rest on and munch away at your food. Saltie is a small and cozy café but you don’t find yourself wishing for more room.

IMG_8505 For drinks, we got a classic Flat White ($3.5) and Matcha Mint Pistachio Frappe with coffee and iced tea ($6). The café gets their coffee beans from Gabriel Coffee. Their beans are gently roasted until smooth, leaving no bitter aftertaste. The Matcha Frappe was surprisingly addictive. It had a prominent overall matcha flavour with a subtle fusion of coffee and iced tea and a hint of pistachio in the aftertaste.



The Crushed Avo Toast ($9) with tahini crema was garnished with a sprinkle of black and white sesame seeds, delicate slivers of lemon zest and served with a wedge of lemon. Avocado on toast is a classic Australian breakfast that you can now have at any time of the day as Saltie serves all day brekkie. The crunchy wholegrain toast served as a great foundation for the smooth avocado. The avocado spread is made from ripe avocados with a pinch of salt and pepper and a dash of sesame oil. The sesame unexpectedly took the avocado to a new level as it added a pleasant, nutty aftertaste to the creaminess of the spread. This minimalistic recipe aims to make the avocado shine without overpowering it. Pair all of this with a refreshing squeeze of lemon, and your perfect breakfast is complete.



The Super Bowl ($12) is not named after the annual American football league championship game, but it is super in its own ways. The Super Bowl consisted of roasted, crispy kale speckled amongst plump quinoa which is topped with a rich avocado crema and a fried egg, served sunny side up. The quinoa is dressed with a citrus and sesame dressing that subtly coats each grain. Amongst the quinoa were shredded carrot and diced tomatoes that kept your palette fresh. The avocado crema was a great accompaniment to the savoury, tanginess of the quinoa, providing a balance of freshness and creaminess. If the velvety crema wasn’t enough for you, break the yolk of the egg for extra richness and watch the golden syrup slowly glaze over the quinoa. The Super Bowl is ideal for those who crave a delicious but super wholesome meal.


We originally wanted to get the Poke Bowl ($12) with ahi tuna mixed with shoyu, sesame oil, shallots and a pinch of sea salt all served on a bed of brown rice (sounds amazing, doesn’t it?). But we were at the café before Saltie received their daily, fresh delivery of fish. The Poke Bowl would be a great option for lunch, we now know for next time.

IMG_8490Saltie is the perfect little café to get your quick fix of delicious and nutritious food. Next time you’re in Surry Hills and need a quick bite to eat whilst on your busy schedule, head to Saltie and try out their refreshing and flavoursome menu (there’s also a few burgers on the menu for those who are feeling a little naughty). Just look for the flash of turquoise on Devonshire Street.




80 Devonshire St, Surry Hills NSW
Phone: (02) 8056 9681 

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