Cuckoo Callay’s Bacon Festival is back for the fourth year and it is bigger than ever. From Wednesday 4 April for 12 weeks, Cuckoo Callay Newtown and Surry Hills serve up an epic menu celebrating all things oozy and porky.

Supporting local farmers who raise healthy pigs ethically, Cuckoo Callay sources free range pork from the multi-award winning Blackforest Smokehouse in Marrickville and encourages people to look for the Australian Pork logo when consuming pork products.

It wouldn’t be a bacon festival without copious amounts of said meat and it’s found everywhere on the menu from main dishes, desserts to snacks and even drinks. For something not too heavy on meat and full of greens, Under My Umburrata ($22) is a light dish to ease into the bacon mood. Deep fried burrata is served on sourdough with zucchini, herbs, olive tapenade, avocado and poached eggs. It’s actually vegetarian before bacon crumbs are sprinkled onto the dish. All eggs are poached at precisely 63 degrees according to the menu.

When pork is slow cooked for 12 hours, the tenderness is hard to beat. When the slow cooked pork is wrapped in a flour tortilla with black beans, scrambled eggs and bacon, you guessed it – It’s a Wrap! ($20).   Interestingly, melting American cheese is not mixed with the filling but instead poured over the tortilla. Likewise, guacamole and sour cream are served as dips instead of being part of the filling mixture.

Is it too early to eat burger before 12pm? Not if the burger is named Piggie Smalls The Notorious P.I.G ($25). Admittedly I am not burger fan and rarely order them, let alone for breakfast. But in this instance, not only did I demolish the entire triple pork burger (i.e pork mince pattie, chargrilled chorizo, maple glazed bacon), but also took a mental note to come back for more. The flavours in the pork mince pattie are unlikely any other burgers we have tasted – sweet, rich, moist and with a hint of heat. The chipotle aioli is the icing on the cake that bring all the dry ingredients together.

The last place we expect to find bacon is in ice-cream but there it is – bacon and banana ice cream. Along with maple glazed bacon, honeycomb and mascarpone, the bacon ice-cream is an indispensible part of a dish called I Like Pig Butts and I Cannot Lie ($21). In the center of this dish is Coco Pop coated French toast and salted caramel. Oh boy the sweet and savory contrast is heavenly.

To sum up our experience with the bacon festival, I will borrow the one liner from Cuckoo Callay’s menu “I am as happy as a pig in mud pigging out on the oozing pork-tacular menu”

Cuckoo Callay
413-415 Crown Street, Surry Hills, NSW
Phone: (02) 8399 3679

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