Andi McDermott

Andi's adventurous palette all began with a scoop of humble maple bacon ice-cream on a rainy day in Nashville when the thought occurred to her "what if i never get to eat this again?". Since then a passion for food exploration and travel has taken her on many adventures. When she's not looking for the strangest thing on the menu, Andi is often found wondering if she could live off a diet of cheese and apologising for what she said when she was hangry.

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Meet the Maker: Paradise Beach Purveyors

Bright green bunches of crisp kale, deep bowls of marinating cheese and luxurious smoked trout assault my senses as I step into the kitchen of Paradise Beach Purveyors. I’m caught in the midst of kitchen preparation and d...
Food insights

Cienna Sangria

Aplomb with fruit, spices and a taste of summer, Sangria is the drink of choice for many on a balmy evening or during long lazy lunches. However, while for many Sangria is reminiscent of the warmer months, and lingering sunshin...

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A Taste of France – Ile De France Cheeses

It always appears as though French culture is just out of reach, the clothes, the conversations, and of course the cheese seem to elude even the most ardent Francophiles. While dreams of attaining the  certain je ne sais q...
Modern Australian

Chef Matt Kemp’s Meet Your Maker dinner, Boilerhouse Restaurant, Q Station Manly

Manly’s Quarantine Station is best known for its ghost tours, haunted tales and rumors of strange sightings, so when I was invited down there to ultimately meet my maker, you can understand my hesitation. Especially since yes I...