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Barbara Tasarz

As the grandchild of two Polish chefs and the child of doughnut shop owners, Barbara's passion for food was put into her cradle. Later she decided to study Cultural Anthropology in Germany, where she got the chance to learn more about food from a theoretical perspective. Her studies, food love and her new affection for urban gardening, have taken her to countries all over the world. You can observe her hunting at the local markets for exotic foods, seeds, tasty dishes, good pictures and storytellers. She is currently travelling through the culinary world of Australia.

Back to Basics: Milk

Growing up in communist Poland, I used to spent my summer holidays on my uncle's farm in the countryside. Every morning, while my aunt...

From Polish Pierogi to Chinese Jiaozi and Baozi

What's for breakfast today? For me, a first generation Polish-German woman, comfort food for breakfast is essential. This is because in Germany, breakfast is undoubtedly...

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