Basmah Qazi

Basmah is a self-proclaimed chocoholic and pizza lover. When she's not found eating, she is usually studying for her media degree and having a conversation with her two cats. She's a writer, bookworm and an undomestic goddess. She attempted to cook on two occasions, and while it seemed like she knew exactly what she was doing, the end result was not exactly Masterchef standards. That was when she decided to stick to eating food and let someone else do the cooking. While she's not the best cook, she can eat her own body weight in food and believes no dish is complete without a handful of spices. In her spare time, Basmah is a beauty blogger and TV show addict.

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Date night

Lal Qila – Darling Harbour

I’m headed downtown, cruising through the alley Tip-toeing in the street like Dally Yes, you read correctly, downtown is where our journey begins in this cold October night which took place in Lal Qila’s new branch in Dar...

Why we love Bourke Street Bakery

Picture this. It is 2004 and two bakers, Paul Allam and David McGuinness decided to open up their own bakery. Quaint and full of life, the bakery is encompassed by the smell of freshly baked bread and an assortment of cakes. 12...

Events & Festivals

PicNic Street Food and Cinema Parramatta

Fairy lights could be seen from a distance, as they covered the trees from top to bottom. In the background, you could hear the soft murmur of Spanish dialogue coming from the Spanish film that was showing in what could only be...
Casual dining

The Waffle Shack – Authentic Belgian Waffles

Not everyone can make the perfect waffle. It requires a certain level of skill to make sure that the density isn’t too thick, and that it has the right amount of airiness. I like to call myself a waffle aficionado, I’m always o...
Events & Festivals

Halal Food Expo – Everything You Need to Know

It can be tough when you’re a foodie who has a dietary requirement. Mine being halal. You see, I’m a Muslim girl living in Australia, so when I’m deciding on where to eat, the following questions come into play: ‘do they sell p...