Jess Cronin

The biggest decision of Jess's day is often what to have for lunch. A coffee addict, sweet tooth and glutton all rolled in one; Jess has a love for food. She has a reputation among her friends as a big eater, and has taken on several eating challenges just to prove a point. Jess loves to bake, mainly to indulge her own sweet tooth, but also to share the dessert love! Jess works in hospitality and is constantly surrounded by delicious food - she is always first to volunteer as taste tester when any new recipes are being created. There’s no need to ask if Jess is hungry – she almost always is.

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Australia / VIC

West of Kin, Braybrook

I will put my hand up and admit it right now; I could be described as a little judgemental at times. I mean, I like to think it’s in a witty and funny way, but I’m sure there would be some who don’t agree...
Australia / VIC

Vive la France: Paris to Provence Festival

Paris. It is the City of Love. It is iconic – a raft of idyllic images spring to mind when little ol’ Paree is mentioned. The Eiffel Tower, croissants, cobblestones, lovers, crepes, the Arc de Triomph, escargot, wine and Moulin...

Australia / VIC

Stoke Bar + Kitchen, Melbourne

Melbourne is a city with a lot of options. It is a foodie paradise filled with coffee drinking hipsters, pop-up cafés, and a stream of food festivals and hidden bars. Being still relatively new to the city, I am keen to explore...
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Win 1 of 3 cask wine prize packs
Win 1 of 3 cask wine prize packs
Win 1 of 3 cask wine prize packs

Happy 50th anniversary Cask Wine: Five things you didn’t know about the Cask + Wine Giveaway!

Australia has always had a colourful relationship with alcohol. Rum formed the building blocks of the first colonies, used even as currency. Legendary Prime Minister Bob Hawke holds the record for drinking 2.5 pints of beer in ...
Australia / VIC

The French Milk Bar, Brunswick

Head out Brunswick or Carlton way and you would likely expect to come across all things Italian (Underbelly anyone?). Nestled just off Lygon Street however, is a café of a different European persuasion; The French Milk Bar. Run...

Australia / VIC

Mama’s Buoi, Melbourne

When it comes to Vietnamese fare, it seems we’ve all gone a little crazy for Pho. The noodle soup is a crowd pleaser wherever you go, and in Melbourne, it seems the city is drowning in Pho. Mama’s Buoi provides some...
Casual dining

Pig Out: Bacon Festival at Cuckoo Callay, Newtown

Bacon is one of those strange foods that is often placed on a heavenly pedestal; basically an edible form of happiness. To clarify, I would class it in with those other life forces of all that is good and holy (that is, chocola...

Events & Festivals

How do you like them Love Apples: Tomato Festival Sydney + Recipe for Tomato Pasta Sauce

There have been a lot of debates over the humble tomato throughout history. Most commonly, pronunciation; “I say tom-ah-to, you say tom-ay-to.”  Then there’s the great fruit vs vegetable debate. Does it h...
Australia / VIC

Hoy Pinoy Filipino BBQ and Street Food + Flavours of Asia Market at Melbourne Racing Club

If there’s something I’ve realised recently, it’s that Melbourne does food markets well. It’s not a surprise I suppose, considering the city’s status as the food capital of Australia, (sorry Sydney...

Historical Eats: Venues with a Piece of Sydney’s Past

While it cannot compare in age with some of the world’s oldest cities, Sydney has a lot of history in its streets. Originally, the aim was not to build a great city, but to establish a prison settlement for British convic...