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I Ate My Way Through Meetup does Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest for many conjures up images of  men in lederhosen and women with pigtails swilling beer out of giant steins, ja? But holy schnitzel, let us not forget about the food! To celebrate Oktoberfest...
Lowenbrau-Keller, Sydney

Christmas in July at Lowenbrau Keller

Commercialised events such as Valentines Day or Christmas In July are the perfect excuse for a wee bit of indulgent eating. I don't really care for either but I'll always welcome a celebratory meal. If...
Lowenbrau, The Rocks


Work kept me back at the office late on Friday night... but here's what I managed to eat while everyone was sculling their 1 Litre jug of beer:

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