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Nam Phan Restaurant… fine dining in Vietnam

When it came down to research, I definitely had that covered. I had searched through blogs, articles and of course the Lonely Planet guides for the best dining and shopping in Vietnam. Nam Phan is one of the poshiest restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City. In comparison to fine dining in Sydney, for just $30 USD, I dined as the royals would.

Singapore’s hawker food

Hawker food was certainly one of the highlights of this trip. For as cheap as $1, or $5 at most, you can explore the tastiest chicken in glutinous rice, satay, char kway teow, laksa... and the list goes on.

Last day in Malaysia – Hainanese chicken rice, chicken satay, assam laksa, Hokkien mee,...

The last six days in Malaysia have been a glorious gastronomic blur; we've consumed more food than I can possibly remember. The thousands or so photos on my hard drive and these blog posts...

Belmond Jimbaran Puri, Bali

Returning from each holiday, we bring home fond memories of the iconic landmarks we had previously only seen on TV or once-in-a-lifetime experience that had always been on our bucket list.  How often does the hotel...

Jala Restaurant, Langkawi

Going on holiday without exploring the destination beyond the confines of the hotel, is a very big sin to me! (Even if it may be the ultimate 5 star realm of luxury!) Langkawi...

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Halong Bay was beautiful and tranquil... there were countless islands and grottos amoungst the limestone waters. Sorry for the long post, but pictures do speak a thousand words... so enjoy :-)
Book Launch

Invitation to our book launch plus a bit about our sponsors

I am delighted to announce that on November 10th – 15th, we will be launching my photographic memoir on culinary treasures from Singapore and Vietnam. It is a project that I have been working...
Vietnamese fare flatlay

Rolling in Redfern: Báhn Mì and Rice Paper Rolls at Yellow Fever

The quest for a good Báhn Mì takes you to many fine establishments, invariably titled with a number in the name to mark the year their Vietnamese owners opened shop, emigrated – or just...

Best meals in Cambodia

Cambodian food may not be as well known as the cuisine of neighbouring Asian countries, however food lovers will have plenty to tuck into. Often compared to Thai food, Cambodian cuisine combines the spices...

Chena Huts by Uga Escapes, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is rich in so many diverse landscapes, attractions and animals, but I never imagined it would be a place to embark on safari into the wild, and furthermore luxury safari at...

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