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Chinatown Sydney Food Tour

Join Australian-born Chinese, Delia Deng, as she guides you through the history and geography of Sydney’s Chinatown.

Located just a short walk south of the Sydney CBD is Haymarket, home to Australia’s leading Chinatown.

Chinatown is a culture soaked slice of Asia, smack bang in the middle of Sydney, encompassing not just Chinese culture but also that of Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Japan and many more. This historical settlement boasts a wide array of attractions including festivals, shops and, naturally, food. The area provides a truly authentic, all-encompassing snapshot of Chinese-Australian culture with its use of oriental architecture, decorations and lighting throughout.

During this tour, you will immerse yourself completely in Chinese culture and cuisine, sampling firsthand the unique palate of foods across China’s abundant subcultures. We’ll be sharing with you a range of the most iconic dishes such as Yum Cha and Peking duck, lesser-known delights like crossing-bridge noodles and Haerbin sausages, and drinks like sugarcane juice and bubble tea. We’ll also explore the very best places to shop and eat at bargain prices.

You’ll get a behind the scenes look at making noodles in a Chinese kitchen, which are expertly crafted by hand. Of course you’ll get to taste it too! Learn how to shop at a Chinese grocery store, where we’ll explore everyday Chinese items such as fresh and frozen foods, sweets, snacks and ceremonial items for ancestral customs.

These tours are run in intimate groups of twelve (12) so the availability is limited! Don’t miss out and book today.

I Ate My Way Through Chinatown Sydney has been designed to be a food-inclusive ‘eating tour’ event. Think of it as a progressive lunch with a personal guide by your side. We’ll be covering the food of China’s many different regions, their differences and history, with focus on: Cantonese, Sichuan, Taiwanese, Yunnan, Harbin and Shanghai.

$99 per person (incl GST) which is all-inclusive of food in the form of progressive tastings, plus you’ll also receive a boutique grocery bag, and handouts.

Attendees are encouraged to bring cash for groceries and other purchases throughout the tour.

Note: this is a walking tour only and transport is not provided.

Please refer to the above form for tour dates and availability

Please note: We also run private tours upon request for groups of 6 or more.


  • Minimum numbers. A minimum of 6 people must be booked at each tour for the tour to proceed. In the event that under 6 people are booked, you will be given the option to a full refund or to reschedule your booking
  • Checking in. Don’t worry about printing your tickets, your tour guides will have a list of registered names with them.
  • Arriving late. Please note that tour guides are not allowed to wait for guests arriving late. Please make sure to make the necessary arrangements to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the tour. We are on a schedule with all the venues we visit, and we need to make sure tours are not delayed as many participants leave cars on paid by the hour parking lots.
  • Attendee Cancellation: No refunds are granted. We will however work with you to reschedule your tour (subject to availability) shall you cancel at least 8 days before the tour date.
  • Dietary restrictions. Please note; your are responsible to double check with the tour guide what ingredients are used on all the foods to be tasted so that if you are allergic to any or all of them, you agree that you acknowledge and understand and it is your personal consent to try them or not.
  • I Ate My Way Through Tours is not responsible for the foods or beverages consumed on its tours.  I Ate My Way Through acts solely as agent in arranging tours, venue visits and other services and does not assume liability for accidents, delays, injuries, loss or damage due to any act or default of any company, organization or person engaged in transporting passengers, rendering service, or carrying out arrangements for any tour or by the act of default of any restaurant or shop or its employees.