I Ate My Way Through Granville

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Discover the exquisite tastes of Lebanon right on your doorstep!

Overview of our Lebanese Food Tour of Granville

Located just 22km west of the Sydney CBD is the multicultural suburb of Granville, which features a buzzing Lebanese hub. You will be guided by Norma Dakhoul, a Lebanese cooking class instructor and the founder of Norma’s Lebanese Foods.

This walking tour, which we prefer to call a progressive brunch, will start with a popular Lebanese breakfast of manakeesh, freshly baked pizza-style bread, with toppings like aromatic sprinkling of za’atar (a spice mix of dried oregano/thyme with sesame seeds, sumac and salt & mixed with olive oil), lahem bi ajeen (mince, onions, tomatoes & spices) or Lebanese cheeses. You will then follow Norma to her favourite places for sourcing Lebanese ingredients including stops at the best Lebanese butcher, greengrocer, Middle Eastern supermarket and bakery. Become an instant expert as Norma shares her knowledge on Lebanese eating techniques and cooking traditions. Next we continue with the progressive meal with more tastings which may feature delicacies such as char grilled chicken with toum (a legendary garlic sauce), kafta (mince marinated in spices and mixed with onion and parsley), falalfel (chickpea and herb balls), baba ghannouj (a smokey eggplant dip) and more.

And we’ll finish off with tastings at a pastry palace. Put your feet up and relax with traditional Lebanese sweets of ma’amoul (nut or date filled shortbreads), nammoura (a fragrant semolina & yoghurt cake) and mountains of baklawa (filo pastry packages).

This is a Lebanese culinary extravaganza you don’t want to miss!

All food is included.

Tour Itinerary

These tours are run in intimate groups of twelve (12) so the availability is limited! Don’t miss out and book today.

The itinerary –

    • Walking tour and stops at Norma’s favourite butcher, greengrocer, Middle Eastern supermarket and bakery
    • Progressive brunch (tastings at various eateries) including:


  • Traditional Lebanese bakery for a light breakfast
  • Exquisite tastings of Lebanese favourites such as falalfel (chickpea and herb balls),baba ghannouj (a smokey eggplant dip), kafta (mince marinated in spices and mixed with onion and parsley) and more
  • And more tastings at a Lebanese pastry palace!



Tour Dates

Sorry, there are no Granville culinary tours scheduled at the moment. Show your interest on our Facebook page if you want to attend this tour!

Getting There

Granville is located just 21 kilometres west of the Sydney CBD – approximately forty minutes travel time. It is easily accessibly by road, rail or bus. Check www.131500.com.au for your nearest route.


$80 per person (includes all food)

Attendees are encouraged to bring cash for drinks and grocery purchases throughout the tour. Ice packs/an esky is recommended if purchasing meat at the end of the tour.

Note: this is a walking tour only and transport is not included.



  • Minimum numbers. A minimum of 6 people must be booked at each tour for the tour to proceed. In the event that under 6 people are booked, you will be given the option to a full refund or to reschedule your booking
  • Checking in. Don’t worry about printing your tickets, your tour guides will have a list of registered names with them.
  • Arriving late. Please note that tour guides are not allowed to wait for guests arriving late. Please make sure to make the necessary arrangements to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the tour. We are on a schedule with all the venues we visit, and we need to make sure tours are not delayed as many participants leave cars on paid by the hour parking lots.
  • Attendee Cancellation: No refunds are granted. We will however work with you to reschedule your tour (subject to availability) shall you cancel at least 8 days before the tour date.
  • Dietary restrictions. Please note; your are responsible to double check with the tour guide what ingredients are used on all the foods to be tasted so that if you are allergic to any or all of them, you agree that you acknowledge and understand and it is your personal consent to try them or not.
  • I Ate My Way Through Tours is not responsible for the foods or beverages consumed on its tours. I Ate My Way Through acts solely as agent in arranging tours, venue visits and other services and does not assume liability for accidents, delays, injuries, loss or damage due to any act or default of any company, organization or person engaged in transporting passengers, rendering service, or carrying out arrangements for any tour or by the act of default of any restaurant or shop or its employees.