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Sydney food bloggers meet up at East Ocean yum cha

It has been 2 years since my first and last meet-up with other Sydney food bloggers so I was thrilled to receive the email invitation to a yum cha meet and greet at East...

ChocolateSuze & Nood’s engagement party

I was really excited this weekend because of former uni classmate, Noods and fellow-foodie, ChocolateSuze's engagement party. And thankfully, my sinuses had given me a morning free of headaches to enjoy this lovely warm...

Buddha’s Birthday vegetarian food festival 2008

On the weekend... I found myself at the Buddha's Birthday festival in Darling Harbour. I was there for the vegetarian food fair ofcourse! The Chinese Garden Forecourt was filled with hungry families and volunteers from BLIA (Buddha's Light International Association) and IBAA (Fo Guang Shan Nan Tien Temple).

Launch of Chinese New Year festival, Belmore Park

Way back on the 9th of February, the Chinese New Year festival was officially launched...
Yoshii , Sydney

Hats Off @ Yoshii Restaurant

Yay! I've been counting down since last week to dine at the sensational Yoshii Restaurant. This was literally a life changing experience... I learnt anger management; and then I did some self-exploring... and ofcourse I tasted some fine food, which has set new standards.
Sugar Hit @ Wentworth

Sugar Hit @ Sofitel Wentworth

After the Night Noodle Markets, the remaining six of us Foodies strolled down to Sofitel Wentworth for a Sugar Hit.
Night Noodle markets, Hyde Park

Night Noodle Markets, Hyde Park

Last night was the second last night of the Night Noodle Markets, and it was also my first time hanging out with other Sydney Food-Bloggers; which meant I finally got to put a face...
Sugar Hit, Martian Place

(Sugar) Hit me baby one more time…

In search for some late night sweetness, Zen and I hunted down Sugar Hit at Westin, Sydney... and to my surprise, only one out of the three concierges knew what Sugar Hit was (and where it was at). The armchairs were big and comfy -however, not so practical for dining. One small but tall ramekin of the brulee, a tiny spoonful of the sour-cherry compote, and a pint-sized biscott lay on each of the corners of a large glass plate... what happened to the portion-size to plate-size ratio?
sugar Hit, Park Hyatt

Sugar Hit @ HarbourKitchen & Bar, Park Hyatt

Bookings are essential, says the website. But are they really? I scored fabulous window seats, with a stunning view to Sydney Harbour and the Opera House -without a booking. The waiter introduced the Sugar Hit tasting plate, took away our dying candle for replacement, and ensured us that he would "remove" the cockaroach which was creeping beneath my seat. A good ten minutes later, he turns with a bottle of Brown Brothers Moscato. No candle, and no removal of the pest. The Moscato was beautiful, it was so refreshing, sweet and fruity.

Good Food Month

I was so caught up in the long weekend, I totally forgot it was October... Good Food Month, which means a bigger and better excuse to eat!

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