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Hello Happy, Strathfield

Last Monday would have been just another girly catch-up dinner at CeCi in Strathfield had I not discovered Hello Happy (to which I squealed with excitement). As you may have noticed, I'm a regular at...
Korean Fried Chicken in Sydney

The hunt for the best Korean Fried Chicken in Sydney

It all started with a casual message: 'KFC crawl to find Sydney's best Korean Fried Chicken. Who's in?' One thing led to another and before I knew it, six of us were driving all over Sydney on one fine sunny day to determine where we could find Sydney's best Korean Fried Chicken! From Belfield to Strathfield, Eastwood and ...

I Ate My Way Through Meetup: Korean Barbecue at Jonga Jip!

Backed by the popular demand of our Meetup group, we were asked about another Korea-town dining event, so we found ourselves at Jonga Jip Korean barbecue in Eastwood! No, no, it's not a food...

Korean Fried Chicken at Arisun

Who isn't obsessed with fried chicken? KFC brought it to the masses but it's restaurants like Mamak (ayam goreng), Tan Viet (crispy skin chicken), ATL Maranatha (fried soft bone chicken), Sushi Bar Rashai (chicken...
Kimchi Mandoo

Korean Food Crawl around Strathfield – an I Ate My Way Through Meetup

Here at I Ate My Way Through, we love any excuse to go on a food crawl. So to celebrate the Korean harvest festival of Chuseok - a mid-autumn time of celebration where South...
Cheese filled crispy chicken breast from 3Q Chicken

Asian Street Food in Sydney

Nature schmature. While most people might travel to Asia to see the amazing scenery and temples, we all actually know that the action is in the food. The street food. But if you don't...

Five Eateries, One Night – The I Ate My Way Through Meet Up

It occurred to me recently that this year, marks the 5th year I've been running food tours, and also the 8th year I've been food blogging. I immensely enjoy doing both, and am supported...
Strata Poca, Strathfield

Stra Pocha (Korean BBQ), Strathfield

It is hard to miss Stra Pocha- a smokey red building opposite the Strathfield railway station (on the quieter side). At 6.30pm, this Korean BBQ restaurant was packed with locals. When we ordered the 'special hot sauce BBQ chicken' the waitress whom had limited-english, warned us that it was very hot and we weren't allowed to make a complaint if it was unedible. This was enticing enough for us to order without hesitation. I love my food fiery hot.
Chef's Selection tasting platter

Korean Food With A Twist: Smokkim Modern Kitchen

When you live in a city like Sydney, you’re never pressed for choice when it comes to trying different cuisines. A simple walk down the right city street will take you on a culinary...
Hyang-Won-Korean-Restaurant, Strathfield

Spicy hot pot… ready for Winter

Strathfield is where I go when I want something local, quick and fast. There are Korean restaurants across every main street. Today, we decided to revisit Hyang Won, which is popular for the hot pots or barbeques. I love the spicy octopus, marinated beef, tofu and vegetable hot pot. Priced at $35, it is more than enough to feed 2 people... served piping hot with typical Korean condiments (kimchi, fish cakes, seaweed salad and caramelised potatoes).

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