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If you’re like me and believe that fried chicken is a food sent straight from the gods themselves, then you’ll either be crazy excited to know that NeNe Chicken has finally opened up in Sydney, or you’ll be chowing down on a take-away box of Nene’s Swicy drumettes as you read this.

Either way, there’s no judgment here. I Ate My Way Through acknowledges your comfort food cravings and is here to encourage you to enjoy your cheat meals. Hence, we’re providing this post which is likely to trigger some serious fried chicken cravings.

NeNe Chicken has opened its first franchise in NSW, finding its most recent home in Macquarie Centre, North Ryde. It first made its way over to Australia over two years ago, with Western Australia and Victoria each being blessed with five stores each over that period. It’s only fair that we get to witness its deliciousness as well!

For those who haven’t heard of Nene Chicken, the franchise originated in Korea and aims to bring the taste of authentic Korean Fried Chicken to an international audience. “NeNe” translates to “Yes! Yes!” in Korean, which fits in well with the business’s fun and exciting attitude towards its food.

“Exciting food, served for life.”

NeNe offers up a range of different fried chicken flavours, and we’d encourage you to give them all a try in order to find your favourite. We sampled the ‘Swicy’, ‘Freaking Hot’, ‘Snowing Cheese’ and ‘Bulgogi’. The Bulgogi is a popular choice, while the Freaking Hot – as its name suggests – is for those who are feeling brave enough to face the heat. Snowing Cheese was unlike any other fried chicken I’ve tasted before, and is a real treat if you feel like something different. We have to admit though that the Swicy was our favourite. With the perfect balance of sweet and spicy, it’s an iconic flavour that is undoubtedly winning over the tastebuds of other KFC fans throughout Australia.

‘Freaking Hot’ and ‘Bulgogi’ flavoured wingettes.

‘Swicy’ flavoured drumettes and wingettes.

It’s also worth mentioning that the chicken is made fresh to order so you can be sure to get the perfect crunch and juiciness every time.

NeNe Chicken also offers a range of tasty sides, burgers, wraps and tacos in addition to their Wingettes and Drumettes. The Soft Shell Crab Burger is a good idea if you’re all chickened out (if that’s even possible), while the Cheesy Mayo Chips are a new addition to the NeNe menu which are definitely comfort food at its peak. The Tornado Potato is also iconic of South Korean street food, and NeNe Chicken’s version is packed with flavour and crunch.

Also, don’t forget dessert! NeNe offers Black Sesame and Matcha Soft Serve cones. You can enjoy the flavours separately or combine them as we did. It’s a refreshing and light treat that will leave your belly happy and satisfied.

NeNe Chicken, Macquarie Centre
Shop 3445, Macquarie Shopping Centre
Herring Road and Waterloo Road, North Ryde, Sydney NSW
Phone: (02) 8964 2698

I Ate My Way Through dined as guests of NeNe Chicken.

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