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Introducing Jason Roberts as IGA Food 4 Life brand ambassador

Last week, I had the pleasure of not only meeting Jason Roberts, but also cooking with him, thanks to IGA, Stellar* Concepts and City Public Relations. Many of you will remember Jason from his time...

Cooking with pearl couscous

Rice and pasta are kitchen staples I can't live without. And now, thanks to Blu and the team at Haystac, I can add Pearl Couscous (also known as Israeli couscous) to my list of...

Coconut and pandan waffles

Vietnamese-style coconut and pandan waffles I grew up on these waffles. I remember sitting on the kitchen bench on many after school afternoons, eagerly waiting for my parents to pour batches of batter onto our...

Julie and Julia: Mastering the Art of French food blogging Competition plus recipe for...

In celebration of the upcoming release of Julie & Julia, and thanks to Sony Pictures, I have one very exciting competition for JENIUS readers. If you don't know anything about this movie, here's the synopsis: Meryl...

Smiling Doughnuts (笑口枣)

With a name like this, how can anyone not like them? Smiling doughnuts are also commonly known as smiling mouth cookies, happy mouth cookie balls, deep-fried sesame cookie balls or from it's direct Cantonese translation,...

Baking for Christmas In July afternoon tea

The Aussie in me has never experienced a cold wintery Christmas. I'm used to the barbecues, the fresh seafood, chilled fruity drinks and spending the morning watching a repeat of Christmas cartoons followed by...

Christmas at home

Welcome back! I hope ya'll had many delicious moments during the break. To kick off a new year of blogging, I thought it would only make sense to firstly conclude 2008 with my family Christmas...

i like to bake

Earth Day was Lidcombe Public School's theme for the 2007 fair. The weeks leading up to this, Bryan (my baby bro) was singing "3 is a magic number, yes it is, it's a magic number... reduce, reuse, recycle...". To continue his excitement, I agreed to bake a batch of cupcakes and brownies for the food stall.

Tetsuya’s Black Truffle Salsa Butter Recipe

I took a trip to David Jones' Food Hall this weekend... and to my surprise, there was 20% off all Tetsuya's packaged products! Hooray! I picked up this gorgeous jar of Black Truffle Salsa for...

Christmas dinner @ home

Merry Christmas! Last night, I was put in charge of our family's Christmas dinner. So instead of last year's roast, fresh prawns and lobster mornay, I decided to stock up on some oysters, scallops and green king prawns. I also did the gingerbread baking a day in advance!

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