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Naked For Satan pintxos bar, Melbourne

My latest fave eat in Melbourne is Naked For Satan. I remember seeing this place at its final stages of preparation for launch mid last year so I was eager to check it out...

The Hardware Societe, Melbourne

If I ever open a cafe, it would be exactly like this. It would be casual and cosy with a romantic charm; there would be fabulous and affordable breakfast and lunch options served on...

Summary of London and Barcelona

I'm half way through this 4.5 week eating extravaganza and I've finally gotten around to doing this blog post. Where have I been and what have I done? Well, I've taken almost 3000 photos, I...

Cookbook review: Paella by Alberto Herraiz (plus a recipe)

Paella.I don't think there is a dish more synonymous with Spanish cuisine. Paella is also the title of a new cookbook (Phaidon Press, 2011) by chef Alberto Herraiz. And you guessed it, this publication,...

Razor clams and chorizo stew

This is my attempt to deal with my post-holiday blues. As I mentioned in the May e-newsletter (you can subscribe to this over on the right), this time, last year, I was taking my...
Vivaz-Buffet-Restaurant-&-Nightclub, The Rocks

Vivaz Buffet Restaurant & Nightclub

No buffet has ever gotten me as excited as this one. This restaurant has broken the 'quality over quantity' golden rule by giving us both. You heard right... Quality AND Quantity. Lovers of pork crackling...

San Churro Chocolateria

Shopping in Melbourne is sensational... and every time my energy depleted, a San Churro Chocolateria franchise seemed to come to my saviour. They were seriously everywhere! Brunswick Street Fitzroy, Lygon Street, Harbour Town &...
Low-302, Darlinghurst / Surry Hills

Low 302

My favourite type of nightspots are the ones that have delectable cocktails and mouthwatering menus. It has to have both and not just one without the other. Tapas and cocktails I love Low 302 'cause not...
Spanish Tapas, Glebe

Spanish Tapas Restaurant (Glebe)

We chose the Spanish Tapas Restaurant because of it's capability to cater for large crowds. Here, we had a reunion of 20 from Strathfield Girls High School, class of 2001. I hadn't seen most of these girls since 2001! The staff were really helpful and ensured that we had a variety of tapas and paella. The atmosphere is rich and lively. We also got to enjoy a performance by the flamenco dancers!

Bodega, Surry Hills

There was once when my idea of a good night out was skipping dinner (I know, hard to believe nowadays!) and heading out to a club to dance away the night. These days, I...

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