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Kingsley Steakhouse

There isn't a worst feeling than being cheated... and I would least expect it from a place as renouned as Kingsley Steakhouse. It started off well, as with all relationships. Kingsley appeared popular and I was intrigued. It's menu boasted lavish prices... so I set my expectations right up high.
Ishiya japanese stonegrill, Melbourne

Ishiya Japanese StoneGrill

The first time I heard about stone-grilling, I was rather turned off... I had pictured a succulent piece of steak on an ordinary slab of rock. How primitive and unhygienic! Stone-grilling is actually an ancient method of cooking, adopted from the Egyptians and Vikings. The stone is heated at 400 degrees celsius, and allows you to quickly seal in all flavours. It provides a standard cooking time of up to 1 hour...

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