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Pho 54, Cabramatta

The trouble with judging the best pho in Sydney, is not being able to taste them all side by side. So with that in mind, let me share with you my current most favourite restaurant for pho

Chanthu & Jerome’s Wedding

There's so much to love about Chinese wedding banquets - the extravagent sequence of dishes, the abundance of seafood, the overly loud bands and the absurd amount of hard liquor drunk! I have really...

I Ate My Way Through Cabramatta

I know I've been really slack with the frequency of blog posts recently... I'm so sorry I've let it slip. With my recent move (furnishing a new house and kitchen is so fun, though...
Eric’s-BBQ, Bankstown

Eric’s BBQ

If any of these dishes look familiar, it's because they were prepared by Eric Wong, the former head chef of one of Chinatown's most prominent restaurants - BBQ King. In a courageous step, Eric...

Chinese New Year 2010 and our suckling pig

Childhood memories of Chinese New Year have always featured elaborate homemade banquets on the eve of the New Year followed by a day witnessing the roaring of firecrackers and drums as the lion dance...

Top 10 list of the best I’ve eaten in 2009

In celebration of the new year, I thought it would be suitable to look back at all of my best eats in 2009. Here, I've included some of my most frequently visited restaurants as...

Habib’s at Bankstown

Family meal deal at Habib's Dinner for four, only $31 That works out to just $7.75 each. While it is in the fast food price range, the family meal deal at Habib's is much more satisfying....

The best of Sydney, according to Time Out

I'm a big fan of Time Out. I would never visit a city without first consulting the local Time Out guide. Time Out Sydney's Food Awards 09 winners were announced this week, so let's see...

Dong Ba, Bankstown

Viet food is probably one of my favourite cuisines. It tastes of home... I love the herbs, the spices, all the greens and just the simplicity of its flavours. My parents always rant about how a bowl of Pho Dac Biet (beef noodle soup) or Bun Bo Hue (spicy beef noodle soup) can be bought for just 50 cents in Vietnam. They used to wake up to its aromas...
iron Chef Chinese Seafood Restaurant, Cabramatta

Iron Chef Chinese Seafood Restaurant

Iron Chef Chinese Seafood Restaurant is meant to be a part of the new breed. Along side it's sister restaurant, Zilver, they clearly stand out from the traditional Chinese restaurants, in terms of menu range, ambience and furnishing. The restaurant is classically decorated in royal red hues, live bamboo shoots and fancy spotlights. It is probably one of the best looking Chinese restaurants I've ever been to.

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