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Why We Do What We Do

My friends and I loved the @iatemywaythru tour of Granville…highly recommended! *this is not a paid tweet*

— Reemski (@Reemski) June 25, 2011

Kind words & pretty pictures. Thank you very much @iatemywaythru http://t.co/fEP73mJuLP

— Moon Park (@MoonParkRedfern) December 9, 2013

Just ate my way through Cabramatta with @jenius – fresh food, lion dancers & fireworks. Thanks for the tip @ThangNgo pic.twitter.com/e4V6ndYsU0

— Marina Saggers (@marinasaggers) September 6, 2014

Day 254: My second #iatemywaythroughmeetup !! \(^ω^\) thanks once again @jenius and @insatiablemunchhttp://t.co/0zbz7ZmNPB

— Chloris Leung (@Chlorislhw) September 13, 2014

@jenius I am in LOVE with your guide to Sydney 🙂 I hope to see more Sydney food guides from you

— Style On Track (@rachelbabyseal) March 7, 2011

@jenius congrats. You were the first food blog I ever followed. Keep it coming!!! — Alexander Cameron (@lecamerone) June 7, 2011

@jenius love the blog entries on your #Fiji trip,makes me proud to be Fijian.So true about the fresh produce,everything is organic! — A.Chan (@aleighc19) May 25, 2012

@jenius Oooh just found your blog! I am in love! — Anna Vu (@EasyModernAsian) August 16, 2012

I loved this post on @MilkBar_CafeIsh by @jenius – Happy Friday! http://t.co/0VsL1ePY — Chanel Gellin (@CatsLoveCooking) August 16, 2012

btw @jenius, love your foodie blog! it’s one of my faves and use it as a reference if i wanna check out new places. good work  — Rinskessence (@rinskeez) March 16, 2013

Amina and I. So excited to be here at #tasteofsydney2013. Totally worth it!! Thanks so much @jenius !! @… http://t.co/gygGVVQqaO

— Yessica Yessica (@Foodoofantasy) March 16, 2013

Cake with watermelon slice in between layers from @BlackStarChris was heaven. Thanks @jenius for the tip! Def worth the queue — sheloian (@sheloian) March 21, 2013

Awesome to meet @jenius today, had me craving a cabramatta trip!

— Kat Roberts (@katerpilla) June 28, 2013

@jenius Hi Jennifer, your blog about the show is just SENSATIONAL! We’ll be posting it on our Facebook page in an hour or two!

— GoodFood&WineShow (@GoodFoodWine) June 29, 2013

After reviewing Righetto Romana Osteria, as promised, I returned with my family to share with them the food we loved so much the first time. We were served by the same waiter we had on our previous visit. He told me that he loved my article and sent it to his father who is still living in Italy. He explained that seeing the photo of his son pouring our wine brought his father to tears because he was proud and missed him so much. It was a touching moment and it means so much to me that our work has the ability to affect people in such a positive way. — Georgia S, September 19, 2014

I had a great evening yesterday on a Korean food tour with @iatemywaythru mmm snow cheese KFC #fingerlickinggood pic.twitter.com/DJUQ9nKHzd

— Bridget Peachey (@JmpnJak) September 12, 2014

I would just like to thank you for the tickets and wonderful ‘show bag’ to the movie screening. I had a terrific night and am planning to use the wonderful spice mixes on my next BBQ.
My friend Melissa saw my Facebook post and grabbed tickets herself, so between us we managed to bring two other ‘foodies’ along for a terrific night.

Again, thanks,
Nicholas L — May 14, 2014 (re: Special Screening of ‘Chef’ movie)

PS I’m booked for the Indian tour of Harris Park in June – so looking forward to that too!

This was fascinating, and what I love best of all – as it underlined how wonderfully multicultural we are here in Australia, no matter our origins and beliefs – was the dessert table. Baklava, lamington, black forest mousse, coconut & pandan cake…..

Keep up the great work.

Sally H — August 22, 2014 (re: Ramadan, Iftar and my Lahm Bi’ajeen)

Wow, that’s awesome!  I rarely ever win things 🙂  Your site is wonderful, by the way.  Coming from the bay area in California (I just relocated here 3 months ago and will be based in Sydney for another 2 years), I love hearing about and following the pursuits of entrepreneurs such as yourself.  I’d love to stay in touch.

Peter C — September 26, 2012 (re: Mooncakes Giveaway)

Dear Jennifer & Amy,

Thank you for a very enjoyable & informative morning yesterday – the food was delicious, the company very friendly & you two girls were just lovely!  We did a bit of shopping after we left you & soaked up the atmosphere.  Having never ventured to Cabramatta before, you have whetted our appetite for another visit of eating & shopping.

Once again, thanks so much (& sorry we were late!!).

Best wishes from Lyn & Laurie xxx

PS  Jennifer – we LOVE your book – you are certainly an amazing person!!!

November 11, 2012 (re: I Ate My Way Through Cabramatta food tour)